Full Custom One-Off Builds

It’s such a great feeling when you pull up on your bike and a crowd gathers round you, with everyone from 18-year-old boys to 80-year-old grannys smiling from ear to ear, nodding in appreciation of the striking machine you’re riding.

To make sure every one of our clients gets that “wow factor” reaction we take time to discover your individual preferences. We personally sit down with you and talk riding styles, budget, how much practicality you’re prepared to sacrifice to get that radical look, and most importantly, how far and fast you want your KMA custom bike to go.

After spending time with you, we get a clear vision of what your bike will look like, and then it’s just a matter of setting about engineering the project so it all works together in balance with design and function.

Every single bike we build is a unique custom motorcycle—we do not ever repeat a build. So when you pick up your finished KMA bike, you can be sure you’re getting an original design that will never be repeated by us.

Custom Modifications

The other direction to go is to modify an existing bike. Whether it’s one you already own or a new one you’ll soon be adding to your collection, KMA can improve your bike’s performance and handling or just help you get more of an individual look with custom design modifications.

Fill out our contact form or drop us an email and let us know your personal custom bike vision.

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