Since KMA began our focus has been on building unique, custom one-off motorcycles and motorcycle parts, but recently we’ve heard a lot of local Harley Davidson riders talking about how difficult it is to have their bikes serviced or repaired in this area.

The closest Harley Davidson shop is almost three hours away from Nelson, so getting top-notch, professional service and parts is a bit of an ordeal.

You can expect to get anything and everything done here, including regular wear and tear, seasonal maintenance, upgrades and modifications—we’ve got your needs covered.

Our professional level service is directed by Robbie Kerr who’s comfortable with all Harley’s, from the early Shovelheads right through to the latest twin-cam styles. His career began over two decades ago in Scotland where he served a four-year mechanical engineering apprenticeship with Rolls Royce Ltd., and includes 30 years’ experience building custom bikes and 20 years wrenching Harley’s.

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